“Aluscreen thinks along with us and investigates what the best material is for each application. They always ask what our objectives and expectations are exactly and do proposals to do it better."

Bjorn Van Ryckeghem

“Since we work with Aluscreen, delivery times have been much shorter. We actually should have started working with them sooner."


“The technical processes behind the printing are less important to us. We just want it to be sustainable.”

Wim Buysse

“I am very satisfied with our last order. Both those large numbers of labels, which is great and
the big Fiber4Belgium too”

Iris Suykens

"I insist on thanking you for the smooth cooperation."

William Lust

“Even if there are problems, they are easily approachable. Last year there was a problem with the plates that were glued to the gate. Aluscreen contacted the glue manufacturer and followed everything up”

Evelyne De Meulenaere

"Once again, thanks a million for the service"

Anonymous - Reseller

“We mainly order aluminium sheets. We are a bit like a colleague of Aluscreen. We have a very open communication. But because we go very wide we cannot produce everything. So sometimes we have to call on colleagues who are stronger in certain domains. I think that Aluscreen has a dynamic management. These people really go for it. Their only way is up.”

Anonymous - Reseller

“Aluscreen really thinks along with us. They also look at what the best mounting method is for the plates, glued or bolted. Then they do a test. Also in terms of printing they made a suggestion, namely to go for milling. Printing is cheaper but milling is wear-resistant. That is how they help us.”

Anonymous - Reseller

“I have received the plates as well as the sample. It all looks very good. Thanks for the
smooth cooperation!”

Muriel Dubrulle - purchasing