Logistic signage

Product characteristics of logistic signage:

  • Signposts with clear yellow-black nuances.
  • Clear coding of racks and goods in your warehouse.
  • Removable magnetic labels or permanent labels.
  • Font size calculated based on reading distance.


  • Order pickers work faster. Searching for products takes around 20% of their time. Signage shortens that time.
  • Yellow-black printing attracts attention and is easy to read.
  • Variable data printing possible: numbering in ascending order, barcoding, QR codes, etc.

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  • Aluminium
  • Plexiglass, acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheet
  • Aluminium sheet with plastic core, Dibond
  • Trespa
  • Vinyl
  • Magnet foil
  • Multi-layer plastic sheet (Gravoply)

Finishing optinos:

  • All possible shapes
  • Eye-catching colour, logical coding and clear font size
  • We calculate the ideal font size by dividing the reading distance (in centimetres) by 200. If the order picker is at a reading distance of 200 cm, we recommend a minimum font size of 1 cm.

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  • Product advice withing 48 hours

  • Average delivery time from 5 to 10 business days

  • Accuracy up to 0.1 millimetre

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