PVC labels

Versatile labels in plastic, available in various colours and thicknesses. Self-adhesive or mounting with holes.

Non-removable stickers

These hard-to-remove stickers break into very small pieces when removed.

Fuel-resistant labels

Labels with a fuel-resistant varnish layer.

Étiquettes en polyester

Des étiquettes résistant à des températures particulièrement élevées. Pouvoir adhésif très élevé. Utilisées notamment sur des moteurs, des adaptateurs, des ordinateurs, des machines, …

Aluminium labels (solid foil)

Resistant to high temperatures. High adhesive strength. Can be scratched with a scriber or ballpoint pen.

Ultra removable labels

Leaves no glue residue when removed.


Available in different materials (vinyl, polyester, non-removable, etc.)

Magnetic stickers

A magnetic sticker is ideal for affixing to a flat metal surface. Both for indoor (0.5 mm thick film) and outdoor (0.9 mm thick film) applications.

Adhesive text

Cut-outs of individual letters that are glued to various surfaces by means of a transfer film.

Asset tagging

Labels to identify and map your assets.

Domed sticker

Screen-printed or digitally printed sticker with an adhesive layer of your choice with a 3D resin layer. The drop label creates an exclusive look and is protected against all weather conditions.

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  • Average delivery time from 5 to 10 business days

  • Accuracy up to 0.1 millimetre

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